Team development

Success as part of a team can be so much more rewarding than individual achievement. And the scale of success can be worth so much more to the company than any individual can attain.

We focus on helping teams to work better together- to create outstanding results, to use diverse skills and experience to implement innovative approaches and to solve problems quickly.

“Just one meeting facilitated by Inside changed the whole team dynamic”.

How we can help you:

Teams we work with often:

  • Need to learn to work together quickly, having been newly formed

  • Need to plan and implement a cross functional project when not used to working with each other

  • Are struggling to adopt new processes or procedures and so are perceived as 'failing'

  • Have experienced deteriorating relationships where now working together seems impossible

  • Want to 'raise the bar' on their performance

How we approach developing teams

We typically meet with the team leader and then team members to understand fully the current situation and what the purpose for developing the team is.

If required, we can build on those perspectives by collecting feedback from some of the team’s stakeholders.

A solution is then developed that suits the environment the team works in. Where appropriate we will recommend an off site meeting that gives team members time to reflect on insights about the way they operate. We may use ‘experiential projects’ that either help to provide insights about the current ways of working or provide experience of working differently. Time is spent reviewing performance during the project and drawing parallels to the workplace. Such powerful learning then translates into plans to implement at work after the meeting.

We use tools such as Belbin’s Team Roles to help understand diversity across the team and how to leverage it.

Around the world…

Whether a team is at Board level, graduate entrant or a temporary project team we have experience of working with many from different industries.

We have worked with teams across the world – we have the capability to transport our experiential approach as far afield as India, Malaysia, Singapore, Brazil, South Africa, Russia and the United States.

Having this experience allows us to work with diverse cultures and bring impactful learning to any team, anywhere.

What people have said:

We now work very differently – using each other more rather than struggling alone

This was the best way of learning about how successful we can be that I have ever experienced

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