Leadership development

Leaders we have spoken to often face this challenge: “letting go of doing all the work yourself and achieving even greater results through leading others”.

How we can help you:

Individual Leaders

We can use 360 feedback, 1:1 discussions with direct reports, psychometric instruments and personality profiling –all to help you understand your style, approach and current impact.

These insights help you to decide what needs developing, we then coach you to ensure you tackle the barriers and stick to your plan!

If appropriate, we can re-use the instruments to help measure the impact of your development after you have changed your approach.

Organisation-wide Leadership Development

There are two ways we can help you address the development of leaders across your organisation:

Delivering high impact development programmes and coaching programmes

Enhancing your organisation’s ability to deliver your own development events through accrediting your selected staff to use our unique tools and approach.

High Impact Programmes

We design and deliver programmes for developing leaders that are unique to our clients’ organisation culture and climate.

Once we fully understand the culture and dynamics within the company we develop a programme that can combine the elements of diagnostic Insight, workshops or training programmes, individual coaching, use of psychometric tools, 360 feedback – any element that will ensure high impact learning that gets a return on investment.

For many of our clients the opportunity to hold these programmes cross-functionally and multi-culturally provides a greater sense of identity and collaboration.

Company Wide Accredited Facilitators

You may want to develop your own internal facilitators that can be accredited to run the same high impact activities that we deliver ourselves for our clients. We can help you select the best people to fulfil this role and then train and qualify them so that you have your own in house capability.

We can then provide you with any of the material and equipment that might enhance the training on an ‘as needed basis’ or supply you with your own to use whenever you need it.

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