“The solution is often right in front of you but you just don’t see it.

At other times it takes some ‘thinking’ to decide which path to take – time to reflect, consider previous experience and generate new approaches.”

Our coaches work with a style of Support and Challenge that will help you to address difficult issues, decide which option to pursue and then help you maintain momentum for change.

For a number of our clients the opportunity to talk openly, confidentially and with someone who has the skills and experience to help opens the door for making personal changes.

Some typical topics have included:

  • Dealing with a difficult team member

  • Preparing for a promotion opportunity or interview

  • Building self-confidence to tackle a specific situation

  • Making key career decisions

  • Becoming more of a leader than manager

  • Balancing work-life priorities

We organise sessions and build a package to suit your situation – call us to discuss how we can tailor something to suit you.

Coaching Capability

We can also help to develop the coaching capability of managers and others in your organisation so that you can build internal coaches that staff can access:

  • ``How to be a Coach`` workshops

  • Advanced Coaching for Managers

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