In today’s world most companies are experiencing some form of organizational change. Mergers, acquisitions, re-organizations, new system implementations, process redefining – they all have an impact on the productivity and morale of staff across the enterprise. Getting prepared for these changes, thinking about the impact on people and how to motivate them to embrace this type of change is the area we specialize in.

How we can help you:


Once you are contemplating a significant change we can help you to plan how to engage and involve people across the affected organization before your implementation begins. We work with you to plan a range of interventions that will smooth the process and speed up the acceptance of change.


We run workshops and engagement sessions to facilitate the process of accepting change for teams and functions, and also for groups of individuals.

Executives who themselves are finding the pace or scale of change difficult to accept can receive some 1:1 coaching and support to keep them ahead of the organization they lead.

System implementation teams

When a system such as SAP or Oracle is introduced, there are particular dynamics to consider that the project teams themselves may overlook. We have experience of working in these situations where people from different parts of the company, and often other companies, need to work together against tough deliverables. This is where a focus on managing the changes needs to be forefront, not just the project deliverables.

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