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We offer practical solutions to corporate problems caused by fast growth, corporate restructuring, loss of key people, low employee morale, major transition, departmental conflict, incompatible management style and resistance to change.Inside Consulting is dedicated to positively impacting leadership, teamwork and personal effectiveness that is crucial to organisational success.

Leadership Development

Leaders we have spoken to often face this challenge: “letting go of doing all the work yourself and achieving even greater results through leading others”.

Team Development

Success as part of a team can be so much more rewarding than individual achievement. And the scale of success can be worth so much more to the company than any individual can attain.

360 & Psychometric Profiling

We specialise in helping individuals from all levels and backgrounds to make changes in their style and approach – whether as a Leader or as an individual contributor.


“The solution is often right in front of you but you just don’t see it. At other times it takes some ‘thinking’ to decide which path to take – time to reflect, consider previous experience and generate new approaches.”


“Mergers, acquisitions, re-organizations, new system implementations, process redefining – they all have an impact on the productivity and morale of staff across the enterprise.”


“Too often the focus for a meeting is on the content of the slides. We can help design the meeting and facilitate the interactions to ensure involvement and engagement rather than phone watching.”

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