1st October 2015
  • iO(Radio)

    iO / 2013
    Material : Plastic
    Category : Product (Radio)
    Client : Hydraft

    As an abbreviation of Input & Output, this radio has intuitive usability incorporated with alphabet “I” and “O” shape of Input part (volume control, channel select) and Output part (speaker). “IO’ helps you to experience new usability, not as controling buttons or wheels of normal radios.

    Volume up _The radio is turned on the power supply and volumed up the sound if you turns the cone clockwise direction.
    Tune the frequency _After you set the sound volume that you want, you can find favorite channels as controling frequency to move the cone to up and down.
    Stick a bookmark _You can stick simple memos like interesting channel, feeling, favorite MC, and memorable ment.

    1st September 2015


    Water is one of the most essential elements for human. We drink water for life every day. However, we are exposed to numerous pollutants by tap water passing through unreliable many pipes. The Smart is a water purifier installed in a kitchen and provides clean drinking water by purifying tap water. Its innovative 4-step filtration system eliminates most of contaminants from tap water such as rust residue, calcareous, chlorine, infusible fine particles, bacteria as well as bad odor and taste. Drinking clean water is the way to keep healthy life, so its design focused on how to people could use this product more easily.


    The Smart provides precise and accurate functions about the water, so it melts such features into the external design and user interface. To create accurate look, an aluminum material with hairline finishing has been adopted to the body cover, and the appearance has been simplified by minimizing external parting lines. To give a unified look, san serif font with a sharp edge was used on the GUI. In addition, the sleek lines used as overall design elements borrow its motif from the surface of water.

    4th August 2015
  • Sound Pipe

    We are proud to present one of our latest projects in Tao Design, the ‘Sound Pipe’ Bluetooth speaker.

    Sound Pipe was designed in a multicultural environment with the intention to create an iconic, modern and minimalist design. Being aware of the geometrical similarity in the speaker industry, Tao Designers were inspired to create a special, fresh and new design that could be differentiated from other speakers in the market. Sound Pipe stands as a great choice to match modern homes and offices worldwide.

    Sound Pipe is a Bluetooth speaker designed for a designer brand MUAH.
    Our project took place in the Tao Design studio in Hangzhou and was innovated by our multicultural team of inspired designers.
    If you loved this project as much as we do, you can buy it by contacting Lawrence at xiezy_taodesign@126.com

    Thank You!

    1st August 2015