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Inside Consulting specialises in leadership development, team building,
managing change, coaching and facilitation.

Who we are

Our company was founded in 1991.

Inside Consulting is a ’boutique’ organisation development company, renowned for  delivering outstanding programmes, coaching and consulting that help companies make significant changes.

Our client list demonstrates our ability to work across all levels, in a wide variety of sectors and industries.

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How can we help you?

We can help you grow your leaders, build your teams and manage the changes your company faces.

Our consulting work has included helping organisations to plan strategically, reorganise workflow and build relationships to improve productivity, downsizing and mergers.

Choosing to partner with Inside Consulting will give you dedication, innovation and a focus on helping you to succeed.

What we offer

We work across three levels; Organisation, Team and Individual, in six specialised areas:


“Inside’s unique method of training management skills resulted in universally positive feedback from everyone in my team who attended. As someone who both did the entire course on behalf of our Management Board, and also met with many of our attendees from across the company, I found the course unique in empowering people to realise effective management involves relationships, teamwork and motivation, not just spreadsheets, milestones and Gantt charts. Seeing the change in hardened engineers’ attitudes to management as a direct result of this course was rewarding.”

Executive VP, Imagination Technologies

"Alan's coaching helped me reach that next level in general management which I would never have reached alone. I was able to understand the role better and broaden and deepen my skills. This allowed me to consciously focus my interactions with the team, ensuring that everyone had clear objectives and an awareness of what great performance would look like. It also helped me with 'working with the CEO', learning to see the world through a CEO's eyes, which positively influenced my own career progression."

John Brennan
Director Regulations & Industrial Policy Medtech Europe

"Effective and trustful collaboration between people with different cultural and functional backgrounds is a key factor to achieve high quality and innovative results within an organisation and with its external partners. Alan's trainings and coaching bring the underlying team patterns to light and open ways to turn differences into strengths. I still profit from this knowledge and tools in my day-to-day work with colleagues or when leading multifunctional teams."

Tanja Valentin
Director Government Affairs at MedTech Europe

"I have both participated in and sent some of my leaders to customized management training provided by Inside Consulting.  They combine in-depth knowledge and unique training methods to create an engaging, high energy environment that produces one of most effective learning experiences I've participated in."

Silicon Tech Company
VP Silicon Team

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