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Experiential Learning and ‘Projects’

People comment on the powerful impact of the learning they experience on our programmes. This comes from the mix of experiencing themselves being a leader, leading a team on the programme, and then receiving real feedback on their performance. This is facilitated to ensure the feedback is constructive and helpful.

The leadership experience comes from leading teams to complete a number of unique projects throughout the programme.

The projects are based on real situations that our clients have in their organisations. The project content is novel, it bears little resemblance to normal work, but there are parallels to the dynamics real managers face. This provides the participants with ‘low consequence or risk’ activities – although we usually observe that people work really hard to be successful – again drawing parallels to the real world of work.

A number of the projects have some activity outside – bringing an exciting action oriented aspect to the learning. However, these are not physically demanding activities, they are not outward bound or macho, they simply bring a uniqueness to the experience.

Our Name

Inside Consulting

Inside describes how we like to operate: by getting inside our client’s organisational psyche and understanding the culture we are able to design solutions that have a huge and immediate impact.


Our Vision is to help create better working environments that enable people to perform at their best – to feel fulfilled in their work, recognised for their achievements and stimulated to develop further. When people feel like this their output and productivity is far greater than when they are not led well. Companies perform better and as a consequence the security people have about their jobs improves – everybody wins!


Most companies aspire to have a culture of leadership that stimulates people to work better.

Our mission is to find those companies – the ones that recognise they need to embrace change to create an engaging and productive leadership culture and to work with them to create a more productive and engaging environment for success.

Our Focus

We break our work into several categories:

At the Organisation Level

Working with senior managers and the relevant departments to create policies and strategies for building and maintaining great working environments and cultures that promote strong leadership

At Team Level

Facilitating teams to help them operate at the “perform” stage of development. Our focus is on helping the team to have good SMART objectives, to work in ways that leverage their strengths and to foster strong working relationships.

For Individuals

Our emphasis here is to help individual leaders to be inspiring and performance focused.

We also help individuals at any level to address areas that might be holding them back personally.


Big thanks to everyone!

"Alan's coaching helped me reach that next level in general management which I would never have reached alone. I was able to understand the role better and broaden and deepen my skills. This allowed me to consciously focus my interactions with the team, ensuring that everyone had clear objectives and an awareness of what great performance would look like. It also helped me with 'working with the CEO', learning to see the world through a CEO's eyes, which positively influenced my own career progression."

John Brennan
Director Regulations & Industrial Policy Medtech Europe

"Effective and trustful collaboration between people with different cultural and functional backgrounds is a key factor to achieve high quality and innovative results within an organisation and with its external partners. Alan's trainings and coaching bring the underlying team patterns to light and open ways to turn differences into strengths. I still profit from this knowledge and tools in my day-to-day work with colleagues or when leading multifunctional teams."

Tanja Valentin
Director Government Affairs at MedTech Europe

"I have both participated in and sent some of my leaders to customized management training provided by Inside Consulting.  They combine in-depth knowledge and unique training methods to create an engaging, high energy environment that produces one of most effective learning experiences I've participated in."

Silicon Tech Company
VP Silicon Team

"Alan Box is a highly effective mentor/coach for professionals seeking to accelerate their leadership growth. He combines strong listening and observing with tangible feedback that improves productivity almost instantly. I recommend Alan Box Consulting to people interested in developing their leadership style, personal brand and value."

Major ERP Company
Senior Director

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