8th September 2020

Managing Mental Well-Being

Therapeutic Support: Proactively taking care of mental well-being


Currently many people are experiencing difficulties in maintaining their normal levels of engagement and productivity as they balance home working and the dilemmas associated with returning to the office environment.


In our coaching practice we have noted that for some individuals an additional focus on maintaining mental well-being has helped to navigate these issues.


For some it is about dealing with anxiety; for others it is time management, prioritisation and stress. Some leaders struggle to get the balance of their communication to their teams just right, and for individuals a feeling of isolation or being alone in dealing with their day to day activities causes most concern.


Mental well-being should be a priority on all company’s agendas right now and employees need to be assured that there is support available even in the remote environment. To help provide this support, we now offer specific Therapeutic Support to help teams discuss any issues and find productive solutions going forward. With an emphasis on mental well-being, our therapist-trained coaches offer two 40 minute sessions per month, for either a three month period or for six months. This provides a good amount of contact time to discuss the issues and to work towards implementing solutions that have proven to help.


We have tried to keep the contracting very simple to implement, using a subscription style plan. For each employee who uses the service there is a straightforward cost for a 3 month engagement for £510, or a 6 month option for £980. The employee can use 2 sessions per month, each lasting 40-45 minutes, arranged at a time that suits their schedule. All discussions are confidential between the therapist coach and the individual.


If your staff could benefit from proactively managing their mental well-being then please contact Joan Box to arrange a short introductory discussion and to organise a schedule.



or contact Alan Box on +44 (0) 7887643901 for more information

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