• Managing Remotely During 2020

    At the start of lockdown as teams moved indoors to work remotely, many leaders were hopeful that it was a temporary solution and a return to office work would be on the near horizon. However, as the pandemic continues, it is becoming clear that a return to traditional office work is still some time away for many companies. It is clear that the working environment has changed and now is the time for leaders to adapt their management styles to suit the remote working model.


    During my on-line coaching sessions I have worked with managers who have adjusted really well to the unprecedented changes. They balance being available and accessible with giving space and time for their people to perform in ways that work for them. Many have successfully delegated responsibilities that have encouraged team members to thrive and develop during this difficult period.


    Others, of course, haven’t managed that transition so successfully. Some have fallen into the common pitfalls of micro-managing and inevitably stifling their staff. Others have abdicated their leadership responsibilities leaving team members to struggle alone.


    Most managers have tried in their own way to match their style, approach and behaviour to what they believe their staff need and want. However, few truly know how well that is working. At a time of uncertainty for many companies, it is more important now than ever that leaders communicate effectively with their teams so that they are motivated and engaged in their new environments.


    At Inside Consulting, we have been using our Remote Leader 180 tool to help each individual leader pinpoint and evaluate where their approach is working well and where change is needed. We then help them to focus on making changes so that they can lead their remote team successfully.


    If you are wondering about your own leadership approach or that of your managers call or email to arrange a short conversation about how we can help.

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